New Grand Manoeuvre song released online


Our new single ”Overthinking” has debuted online. The track is the first to be released from the next album. It’s a pretty melancholic laid-back track and we hope you enjoy it.

Click here to listen our new single ”Overthinking”.

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It’s 2012!!!

It’s nice to be back in the studio making new music. Here’s a couple of pictures from our recording sessions this week. We hope to get something finished soon so you all can hear what we’ve been working on lately. You’re gonna love it!

Uusi vuosi on alkanut ja on mahtavaa olla taas studiossa äänittämässä uutta materiaalia. Ei malta odottaa että saadaan uusia kappaleita teidän kuultavaksi. Pidetään yhteyttä!

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Drum Weekend 12-13 dec. 2009

Olli EstolaLast weekend we recorded four new drumtracks for the new album. Olli loaned a vintage Ludwig Black Beauty snare from his friend. It sounded beautiful, the character is so warm and fat. It was used on ”Don’t Stop Now” and ”Why Paint?”. The other two remaining tracks don’t have a final name yet, but we call them ”Upside Down” and ”I/O 2”. We had fun for sure and hopefully we can finish ”Don’t Stop Now” for christmas. Only the guitar tracks and backing vocals are missing. If I have enough time tomorrow, I’ll post more details about these recordings for anyone interested. Stay tuned.

Drumcam – ”Don’t Stop Now”.  Watch the video clip

Here are a couple of photos from the drum sessions.

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